Why Sell?


Selling your oil or natural gas rights in the Permian Basin can be financially lucrative and help you earn more money from your physical assets. The intricacies of making the most money from your oil and gas assets can be unclear and mineral owners have many options available to them. PBEX Resources has the industry knowledge, expertise and means to help you make the best decision for your situation.

The Benefits of Selling Oil and Gas Interests

From the mountain of paperwork to the exhausting tax season, selling your oil and gas rights not only gets you cash in-hand, but also simplifies your life. PBEX Resources isn’t a brokerage company or middle-man, we directly purchase mineral interests and close deals at a record pace. When you decide to sell your mineral rights, there are several major benefits.

Get Cash In-Hand Now

Pay Off Any Debt

Make Your Estate Easier to Leave Behind

Apply the Money to Your Family’s Priorities

Discover the
Value of
Your Minerals