How to Determine Your Mineral Acres

When selling your mineral rights it’s important to know how many acres of minerals you own. For mineral owners that have previously leased their mineral rights, you may already have documentation that shows what percentage of mineral rights you own for a given tract of land. Here’s how minerals are measured and how you can find out how many mineral acres you own.

How are Minerals Measured?

Minerals are measured in acres. However, this can sometimes be confused with the total amount of surface acres that make up a property or tract of land. That’s why there are two distinct terms that are used to talk about the surface of the land versus the minerals underneath. 

Net Mineral Acres:

The most important one to know is your Net Mineral Acres or NMA. Your NMA represents the net acreage owned out of the total gross acres in a tract of land. If you own one-half of the minerals under a 100-acre tract of land, you own 50 net mineral acres out of 100 gross mineral acres. 

Gross Mineral Acres:

Gross Mineral Acres represents the total acreage in a given tract of land. Most people only own a fraction of the gross mineral acres, so your net mineral acres will most likely be a smaller number than the gross acreage.

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