Finding Qualified Mineral Rights Buyers

With so many companies that buy mineral rights, it can be difficult to find a buyer you can trust. Before you start requesting offers for your mineral rights, that are often a waste of time, be sure to gather all the most important information about your land, minerals and royalties. It can be confusing to figure out where to begin, but PBEX can help you get started.

Get Your Documentation Ready

Getting all the necessary agreements, documents and historical data for your mineral rights can be a hassle but is extremely important if you are serious about selling your mineral rights. The experts at PBEX help people every day interested in selling their mineral rights prepare for the sale.

Sell to the End Buyer

There are a ton of websites on the Internet that will offer to buy your mineral rights, but many of these are poor-quality buyers or brokers. Most of the time, they will create a deal with an end buyer and take a cut of the money you earn from your mineral rights. 

PBEX is an end buyer of mineral assets. With no middleman, you get the most competitive offer and you get to take home every dollar. 

Find a Local Expert

Finding a buyer with intimate knowledge of the state and county your minerals are in can help the process of selling your mineral rights go smoothly. This helps you save valuable time and money through the process. Knowing the local tax laws, geology and other factors gives PBEX the ability to better serve mineral rights owners in Texas and New Mexico. 

Being a bonded operator as well as active in purchasing oil and gas leasehold or mineral interests, our team is well equipped to make sure the process of selling your minerals is as quick and easy as possible. Fill out the form today to learn how our team can help you sell your mineral rights.

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