PBEX Resources is a highly regarded, bonded operator of oil and gas wells in both Texas and New Mexico. We take great care in operating our wells and are proud of the results we achieve. By posting an oil and gas operations bond, we have pledged to execute all operations in accordance with state laws and commision rules. This surety bond guarantees that we follow the strictest guidelines in regards to how we operate our oil and gas wells on a daily basis. You won’t find a more motivated and professional operation team in the Permian Basin.

PBEX Resources Acquires EGL Resources

We are extremely thrilled about our acquisition of EGL Resources. Our team has acquired 5,000 net acres of leasehold interests and an interest in over 190 wells across Texas and New Mexico. Today, we proudly operate 125 wells. Together, EGL and PBEX have been instrumental in successfully executing deals previously not thought possible and navigating the complex ins and outs of the energy industry. We look forward to continuing our strong legacy of finding creative solutions to complex problems.

A Track Record of Success

We’ve proven ourselves time and time again through our expertise in the oil and gas industry and extensive knowledge of the geology and history of the Permian Basin. We encourage you to ask us about our proven track record of success.

Our reputation of trust and advanced proficiency has made PBEX Resources a leading bonded operator in the oil and gas industry. Contact a member of our team today to see how we can we can work together.

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